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Gulf Business

Global Marketing Web Studio

In 2013, a new web Engineering and global Marketing Studio was opened in Moscow, Russia. Now we also have offices in: Dubai & Astana. The project leding by iGOR NOSOV, a renowned web couturier and Global marketer in Global markets. The new web design studio LANDINGPAGE.VIP, or Success Lab as Igor himself calls it, will become one of the largest representatives of the marketing services in the Middle East, Russia & US.

Russian Web Master

This Russian webmaster iGOR NOSOV mastered the unusual profession of web couturier about eleven years ago. In his work he uses Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence for promotion customers. He has several higher educations in the field of IT, Psychology and Marketing. Completes projects with high conversion rates! Does everything quickly, profitably and professionally. The main technology in website development is WordPress.
Arabian Business

CEO like Igor Nosov

iGOR uses the latest technologies when creating websites and promoting them on the Internet. For example, he has been generating all content using Chat GPT for a long time. This allows you to create and test niches for various Businesses in just a couple of days. Using neuromarketing and knowledge in the field of psychology, projects are always obtained with high conversion and profit for customers. The company’s main client portfolio consists of: Real Estate Agencies, Consulting companies and Experts in various fields.

Main Services

Landing page production


HOSTING & LANDINGPAGE. Powerful landing pages design + Future technologies now. LANDINGPAGE.VIP laboratory creates landing pages stuffed with all possible and impossible modern technologies for turning users into loyal customers. The domain for the web site is provided for FREE!

SEO and Context ads


SEO MARKETING & GOOGLE ADS. With smart and stable organic Google search rankings, your Landing page delivers the highest conversions for you in a specific business segment for years to come, at no additional ads cost. And thanks to our professional setup of contextual advertising, you begin to receive leads from the first day of our cooperation.

Targeting in social media


INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK MARKETING. Maximum sales in your market niche are achieved only through high-quality targeting and selection of your target audience. Stable profits are only possible through daily updates and searching for new high-quality audiences.

Exclusive Promotion Technology

Our unique promotion technology was developed in Germany by the famous iGOR NOSOV, a Russian web couturier, together with engineers from Russia, the USA and France. This IT technology is based on the creation of a new Landingpage in a short time (2 days maximun), activation of Targeted and Contextual Advertising (3 days maximun).

15 years of experience in Digital Marketing allows us to achieve high explosive sales figures.

We create an effective and conversion Landingpage and immediately activate contextual advertising plus targeting in social media. We do everything in a single package of services and comprehensively. We currently use 50 traffic sources.

For each project, we connect the Analytics system, set capture and feedback form and set up automatic reports to your Email.

All you have to do is receive qualified Leads and process Orders!

Satisfied Clients


Increased Leads


Increased Revenue

Additional Work for the Result

Adapting the web page for mobile devices and reaching the maximum audience.

We set up and test the capture page on various types of devices — from large monitors to netbooks, tablets and mobile phones.

Thanks to the fast loading and user-friendly interface of your landingpage, we achieve the maximum conversion.



Auditing in Dubai

Auditing in Dubai

Real Estate in Dubai

Real Estate in Dubai

Automotive in Dubai

Automotive in Dubai

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Doors and Furniture

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Sectional Doors

Business news from Russia

Business news from Russia

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IT news

Russian fashion designer

Russian Fashion Designer

Elite kitchens of Russia

Elite kitchens of Russia


I really am passionate about my work and believe that where the creation of a website is divorced from the meaning, there is no result. Who needs beautiful but useless pictures? My name is iGOR NOSOV and I have been an independent web couturier in the world for over eleven years. In 2013, I founded my own brand and company in Moscow, Russia — the creative success laboratory LANDINGPAGE Marketing and continue to develop it. As a web expert, I educate myself and my team in the spirit of attention to the smallest details and try to eliminate everything unnecessary. I have great observation and have visited more than 11 countries of the world. Opened offices in Dubai, Moscow and Astana.


Russian Web Сouturier, Global Digital Marketing

Igor Nosov - Digital Expert

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