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Digital Marketing Agency

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Global Marketing Studio

In 2020, a new web Engineering and global Marketing Studio was opened in Dubai. The project will be led by Igor Nosov, a renowned web couturier and Global marketer in global markets. The new web design studio LANDINGPAGE.VIP, or Success Lab as Igor himself calls it, will become one of the largest representatives of the marketing services market in the Middle East.

Russian Web Master

This Russian web master took up the unusual-sounding profession of Web Couturier, for many about Eleven years ago. For more than a year he has been cooperating with a representative of Large & Medium-sized Businesses in Dubai, UAE. And it is the positive and pleasant results of this cooperation that have become strong for more serious deals, which will soon become the Success Laboratory — LANDING PAGE DESIGN VIP.

CEO like Igor Nosov

Representatives of various companies in Dubai predict that the creation of a new one, with a brand and CEO like Igor Nosov, will allow them to take their share of the Web and Marketing services in Dubai market by minimum than ten percent. All of the company’s clients Web sites will win in the benefit of the firm, well-coordinated work between individual divisions around the world.

Main Services


WEBSITE & LANDINGPAGE. Powerful landing pages design + Future technologies now. LANDINGPAGE.VIP laboratory creates landing pages stuffed with all possible and impossible modern technologies for turning users into loyal customers.


SEO MARKETING & GOOGLE ADS. With smart and stable organic Google search rankings, your Landing page delivers the highest conversions for you in a specific business segment for years to come, at no additional ads cost.


INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN MARKETING. Maximum sales in your market niche are achieved only through high-quality targeting and selection of your target audience. Stable profit PR is possible only among a new high-quality audience.

Exclusive Promotion Technology

Our unique promotion technology was developed in Germany by the famous Igor Nosov — Russian Web Сouturier together with engineers from Russia, the USA and France. This SEO technology allows you to achieve high performance in search engines in a short time and, accordingly, explosive sales figures.

In the organic search Google, we achieve only the first places of your Brand, which allows you to be remembered for years to come. It’s no secret that when choosing an implementing partner, BIG Companies take into account only TOP-3 in search result.

Satisfied Clients


Increased Leads


Increased Revenue

Additional Work for the Result

Adapting the web page for mobile devices and reaching the maximum audience.

We set up and test the capture page on various types of devices — from large monitors to netbooks, tablets and mobile phones.

Thanks to the fast loading and user-friendly interface of your landingpage, we achieve the maximum conversion.


Web Designing Company UAE

Web design in Dubai

The main difference of our company from our competitors, is that our qualified team do only deals with: website development, search engine optimization & email marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency

Our website design company, based in Dubai does nothing extra. The emphasis of our services is to create a memorable and sustainable brand in the minds of buyers.

Website development in Dubai

Our work on the creation of the company’s website begins with the formation of a Global Strategy, the development of a corporate character, and the creation of a clear unique selling proposition for consumers. Our motto — The simpler and clearer message of the Brand company, the Better it remains in the minds of customers.

Best web design company in Dubai

Why we consider ourselves the best web company in Dubai. Because we are fundamentally different from our Competitors, because we offer company development without additional and paid advertising budget. In our digital promotion strategy, we use only an organic approach to the development of the company and the brand as a whole. Every time we use principle — STEP BY STEP.

Top web design company Dubai

Depending on the business of the customer, we usually use two different approaches in digital marketing. The first method — is the development of a company in a specific Geographic Market. And the second method — is to enter and promote the company to Vertical Markets, regardless of geography.

Clientes Favoritos

Here are our most popular works in the field of creating a landing page for the development of a specific product

Auditing Company

Independent Professional Auditors

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Jewelry & Accessories

Handcrafted Jewelry & Accessories

Legal Company

Award Winning Law Firm

Lawyers and Advocates

Providing Practical Legal Services

Legal Activities

General Legal Activities

Arabian Construction Company

Specialise in complex and prestigious construction and infrastructure projects

USA Construction Company

Oil & Gas Construction Company

Russian Construction Company

Gates, fences, warehouse equipment and materials for industrial construction
Where design is detached from meaning, there is no result. Who needs beautiful but useless pictures? Monsieur Igor Nosov has been an independent web couturier in Russia for over eight years. In 2020, he established his own Brand in Dubai, UAE — the Landingpage Creative success laboratory. The German specialist educates his team in the spirit of attention to the smallest details and teaches how to form a stable image of the brand being developed.
Igor Nosov

Russian Web Сouturier, Digital Marketing Studio

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