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Already this 2020, a new studio of web engineering and modern global marketing has opened in Dubai. The project will be led by Leon Mayer, a renowned web couturier and global marketer in global markets. The new studio LANDINGPAGE.VIP, or “Success Lab” as Leon himself calls it, will become one of the largest representatives of the marketing services market in the Middle East and then all around the World.

This German master took up the unusual-sounding profession of “web couturier” for many about eleven years ago. For more than a year, Leon has been closely cooperating with various representatives of large and medium-sized businesses in Dubai, UAE. It is the positive and pleasant results of this cooperation that have become a solid foundation for a more serious undertaking, which will soon become the LANDING PAGE VIP Success Laboratory.

Representatives of various companies in Dubai predict that the creation of a new studio with such a brand and a director as Leon Mayer will allow the company to take its share of the Web and Marketing services market in Dubai by at least ten percent. All clients of the Web studio will only benefit from the organization, well-coordinated work between all the separate divisions of the firm around the world.

Cooperation with Leon’s company will allow Customers at the design stage to identify the most pressing problems in the marketing area, thanks to which the correct tasks will be set that can be easily solved, since the studio has all the necessary communication tools for the development of projects of any complexity.

It is already known that Leon Mayer intends to work closely with colleagues from the USA, France, Germany and Russia, who will help him promote new Brands in UAE and at the global level, created in the bowels of his «Laboratory».

Cooperation with various divisions of the company will help existing and potential clients to create a system of interaction with the media and get their share of attention and respect from the general public.

All previous works of Leon, according to experts, have always been special due to the individuality and breadth of the author’s creative vision. Prior to his arrival in Dubai, Leon was an Engineer, Marketer and Painter and often worked in the Art Nouveau style.

The German specialist is distinguished by a high level of professionalism and always tries to work through all the smallest details, forming a stable image of the brand being developed, paying special attention and time to this.


Where design is detached from meaning, there is no result. Who needs beautiful but useless pictures? Monsieur Leon Mayer has been an independent web couturier in Germany for over eight years. In 2020, he established his own Brand in Dubai, UAE — the Landingpage Creative success laboratory. The German specialist educates his team in the spirit of attention to the smallest details and teaches how to form a stable image of the brand being developed.

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